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Due to the circumstances, that the world directs serious assistance to Ukraine, one may think that the state, in the middle of the war, has enough resources, sufficient supplies and additional interference isn’t necessary. Though the reality proves on the contrary as the majority of the supplies/resources are quickly depleted. For instance, a ceramic multi-hit body armor - it is able to successfully stop one maximum two bullets’ impact, though in case of the third round, at least the specific ceramic plate must be changed, because it won’t absorb the third bullet’s impact completely and it will hit the body. Besides this, the exact number of the people directly involved in the military operations should be considered – only territorial defense totals over 1 million, etc. Thus, each ceramic multi-hit body armor or at least the ceramic plate delivered, can save multiple lives.


During the war all vehicles, even the most resilient ones are damaged and are in need of constant repair or substitution/replacement, the situation is all the same regarding the high-ground clearance ambulances (SUV), which are responsible to enter the open battlefield and evacuate as many wounded civilians as possible.


While evaluating the number of the wounded civilians, it became clear, how quickly the supplies of medical equipment and medications deplete. The situation is the same considering all circumstances. If we evaluate the huge scale of the country, it becomes also vibrant that dealing with the logistics of delivering specific goods appropriately, is not easy. Using the united system of the delivery may cause problems, which can damage specific division or specific military service. Our goal is to deepen already existing close connections with the specific divisions, evaluate the shortages they have and fill in the gaps without any additional sophistications. We used to work this way so far. You can check the assistance sent by us according to the specific projects.


This assistance would never happen without you. We would like to express gratitude towards the people involved in this project including – Jonas Ohman and his organization “Blue Yellow”, Temur Yakobashvili, Alexander Lomaia, Ana Jobava, Nikoloz Targamadze, Mamuka Pachuashvili, Vladimir Gabashvili and many more who preferred to stay anonymous. All of them are dedicated friends of Ukraine.   


With your support, we’d like to make such activism more complete. Finally, the huge assistance from various countries and organisations, which really makes change is also boosted by the initiatives like these.