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Gigi Ugulava


Tbilisi Mayor 2005-2013

In 1990th he worked as teacher of religion history, journalist, independent expert and consultant. He was member of Open Society-Georgian Foundation Juridical Education Sub-council and Independent Civil Control Group of Ministry of Justice

In 2000-2003 he was director of World Bank funded Association of Legal and Public Education (ALPE) and actively participate in Rose Revolution.

After revolution he became Deputy Minister of Justice, later First Deputy Security Minister, Governor of Samegrelo Region and Head of President Administration.

In 2005 he was appointed and 2006 elected as Tbilisi Mayor. During 2009-14 he was member of European Council Local and Regional Government Council Monitoring Committee and Head of Georgian Delegation.

He was Head of Tbilisi Organization of United National Movement and Secretary General of European Georgian.

He initiated fundamental reforms in capital while served as Mayor in the spheres of public transport, rehabilitation of old city, infrastructure, public service, etc.

Gigi is a Knight of David Agmashenebeli Order.