Urgent for Ukraine

Urgent for Ukraine

Dear friends, as you already know, last year all of us are trying to assist Ukraine and its people. To this day through fiscal and material donations, we managed to mobilize 1,181,400 GEL.

Right now for the aim, that we cannot yet mention, we need urgently collect 3,500 GEL. This amount should be gathered during 3 days – one week. After the goal will achieve we will provide you with all details. We are sure that together we can do this and would like to thank you in advance for your assistance.

For bank transfers –

Beneficiary Media Consulting Centre

• GEL – GE71BG0000000541370985

• USD – GE85BG0000000541509346

• EUR – GE85BG0000000541509346

For crypto transfers:

• BTC – 1HfAzSqvaa8Sr5ZgqABNyQqToVohMLQMo8

• ETH – 0x5b18b981b2fc3b0764df6f3f6878d98b242eba21