A jointly implemented project

A jointly implemented project

Friends, not long ago, we asked you to collect 3,500 GEL for a specific cause, however, at that moment, we could not tell you for what.

The case was as follows:

Kind people in Georgia bought a car, which at that time, the Georgian soldier in Tbilisi had to bring to Ukraine, to our fighters, by land.

They created problems for this person at the customs of Sarfi, and at the request of the Georgian side, the Turkish customs officials sent him back, and the Georgians confiscated the car and took him to the parking lot.

After that, they began to waste time and argue, inventing non-existent reasons not to release the car for as long as possible.

All this lasted for a month. Finally, the Georgian fighter was told that it would cost 3000 GEL to get the car out of the penalty area.

We learned about this story and started collecting this amount.

With your help, the mentioned amount was collected in just 2 days, for which we thank you very much.

In the end, it cost 3000 GEL to get the car out (the remaining amount of 500 GEL will be used for our other project, the report of which I will also present to you.)

The Georgian fighter, whose vacation was coming to an end, had to return to Ukraine without a car. Yesterday, our friend Nikusha Farulava took the car across the border and it is already in Ukraine.

I present the payment receipts.

You will hear more about this story in the video recorded by Nikusha.